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An investment

Remember, your home is also an investment, so make sure you’re putting it in the hands of a team you can trust. If you'd like to improve your home's functionality and value, we can help with that. We offer fantastic service and affordable prices.

For over 30 years, T Pittman Construction has been that team for the Odessa region.

Odessa depot

T Pittman Construction took part in the restoration process of the Odessa train depot. When the station was transported from Iraan, TX to Odessa, it was in horrible shape. It was boarded up and in ruins.

The professional team at T Pittman Construction got straight to work restoring it.

We completely restored the inside and outside of the station and painted it a beautiful and bright yellow and green. The full process took over 11 months to complete. We laid new train tracks and brought in a caboose to complete the restoration.

T Pittman Construction is really proud of what we achieved with this renovation. We took a completely ruined structure and turned it into a beautiful and functional depot.

Check it out for yourself! The train depot is currently located off of Moss Road in Odessa.